inabit platform offers secure cloud self custody, integrated wallets, transactions management, governance & crypto banking

Cloud Self Custody

Our unique wallet guards your keys in a way that they are only accessible through devices you have permitted under a policy you’ve selected, but never exposed to anyone. It is as easy to use as you would expect it to be, and it is more secure than you can imagine.

Integrated Wallets

Integrated wallet options provide you with a convenient solution to view all your assets in one place, offering consolidated reporting with seamless tax accounting integration. 

Integrated wallets function enables you to enhance security by incorporating our policy manager, which allows for pre-approval of any transactions sent to those treasuries.

Popular Exchanges Integration

Simply connect inabit infrastructure with your exchange API to gain full access and control over your assets in centralized exchange wallet.

Effectively Manage Your Financial Operations

You retain exclusive control of your keys and access, while the integration empowers inabit to prepare and pre-approve transactions based on the policies you've chosen.


Full report showing you all transactions across all your wallets, treasuries and FIAT on / off ramp under one simple page.

Authorize with Mobile

All transactions are verified through our mobile app, the transaction signature is a unique process guarded with our Cloud Safe Custody and Policy Guard.
Your mobile device is paired with your account and remains your key to your keys.


We are validating your transactions, whether you send to a new unknown address or receiving funds from one.


In the realm of digital assets, ensuring the control and validation of transactions holds immense importance. Once a transaction is signed and recorded on the blockchain, there exists no possibility of reversal. Hence, our focus lies heavily on the approval and validation process of transactions.

Governance Layer

Offering flexible policies you can build and change for wallets, exchanges, or even add an additional layer of security to your cold wallets.
These policies undergo validation via your mobile device, employing biometric verification and a unique private policy key stored securely within your device, exclusive to you.

Wide Range of Capabilities

Our robust policy functionality allows for the definition of signatory rights within your organization, dictates which wallets are accessible for payments, and even determines which contacts are eligible to receive payments from you.